Agnes has a passion for teaching and wellness.  She is a licensed physical therapist, certified yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher.

Physical Therapist

Agnes is a graduate of the Mercersburg Academy and received her Physical Therapy  degree from University of Maryland in 1986. (You do the math!) Her career has included wonderful learning and teaching experiences.  She has practiced acute care with traumatic brain injuries, hospital based outpatient and inpatient care, worked in skilled nursing facilities, been a private practice manager, clinical education coordinator,and private practice owner. She continues to practice physical therapy part time at PT-ACAC in Crozet, VA while teaching and consulting. She enjoys working with orthopedics injuries, post surgical care, shoulder and neck injuries and geriatric orthopedics.

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Yoga Instructor

Ag found yoga in 2004, immediately experienced the benefits, and became certified to teach yoga in 2006.  The experience was transforming and now her passion is to get others excited about the wonders of yoga and the wonderful journey. She has built a career on making yoga available and safe for everyone.

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Agnes believes in working with the mind and body proactively to build body "wealth" as opposed to a "sick care" health model. This means investing in your health with each choice you make concerning sleep, exercise, nutrition and stress. She works with individuals or group workshops to educate and coach clients through a fitness progression that is fun and safe.  She continues teaching a variety of Wellness Workshops in Virginia and regionally (see workshop topics). Teaching and connecting with others is her passion.

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When not working, Agnes’ favorite place to be is with her kids, partner and pets laughing and playing. Other joys include hiking, traveling, cycling, skiing, kayaking, beach time, gardening, and any play that includes the outdoors. She also enjoys reading, wonderful food and great movies. She is a believer in “creating your special day, everyday.”