The 2016 election campaign season and election in the United States has been unbelievable and disconcerting. As a parent, I tried to use the behavior witnessed on TV and social media as examples of "adults behaving badly" and how NOT to behave when teaching my kids. Social courtesies  such as listening without interrupting, respect and politeness were missing in action. It is possible to disagree with one another without rudeness and name calling. Our young people are viewing the atrocious behavior of adults witnessed throughout all political arenas in disgust. A poor example by American politicians has been set for them.  If you promote yourself as a leader, it is important to demonstrate the qualities of a leader; rather than speak one way and act another way.

The outcome of the election pleased some and displeased others if your candidate was not chosen. As we witnessed during the campaign season, people were passionate in their candidate selection and this election evoked a lot of emotion on all sides for various reasons.

The past is written; we cannot change it. However, we can learn from it. So, we move forward.

I include a passage from the book,"The Tao of Joy" by Derek Lin. The title is, "Acceptance."

"Achieve a difficult feat today by doing something simple: accept everything in your world exactly as it is. If this does not sound like a difficult feat, then think of all people who rail against the way things are. They complain bitterly because they want things to be different. Sometimes, they regret having done one thing or another; other times, they feel resentment against something that has been done to them. Either way, they expend tremendous emotional energy on the past, which no power in heaven or Earth can change. In the Tao, accepting reality does not mean being complacent or suppressing one's natural desire to make improvements. It simply means we do not waste our resources in raging against an unjust fate. Instead, we direct them into the work of creating a better reality, one that is more meaningful and satisfying."

And another quote by Thich Nhat Hahn:

"Every morning when we wake up, we have twenty-four- brand- new hours to live."

Have an open heart and mind,