Create A Quiet Space In Your Home

It may be something simple in your room.   

It may be something simple in your room.


Creating a quiet space in your home is important for your mental, emotional and physical health. This is your space to re-energize or recharge your batteries. It is a place where you meditate. It may be your place to practice yoga. And, it is an agreed upon place among all family members where no arguments or work are permitted. A peace zone. 

Everyone needs their own space at times. There is so much external noise and stimuli that we navigate daily- it is important to quiet the noise so we can collect our thoughts, knowing we won't be disturbed in our zen room. Your space can also outside; a bench outdoors in the favorite part of your yard. Indoors, choose a guest room, sun room or even a section of your bedroom. I like to connect with nature daily so I have benches in my yard where I like to sit. My house is very small so in my bedroom, I have a tray of special rocks that I collected, family photos, candles and a chair. To prepare to meditate, I take out my meditation bolster and light a candle.  It is not recommended to use your home office as quiet space because it is distracting mentally.

As you create your space, place items in the room that are special to you and that have meaning. Candles, plants, special stones, and pictures of family members enhance your room. The art work should be calming. The paint on the walls should be a warm earth tone color. The chair or pillows should be supportive yet comfortable and inviting. Use what you  already have in your home. You will be surprised by just rearranging a few items how it creates a new feel or new energy in the room. And by using your space, you will be creating a positive energy in that room also.

When going to your space, communicate with your family members that you wish some quiet time so that they know not to disturb you. Hold the phone calls, texts, tweets, snapchat, etc. On some occasions, you may wish to Invite family members or guests to meditate with you as collective meditation is very supportive for everyone. As little as ten minutes a day can be life changing.

Creating your space is a reminder to mediate, "take five", practice yoga, nap, read, journal or just be. It becomes a place of physical, emotional and mental healing which are vital for lifelong wellness. Our society doesn't reward quiet time yet research for adults and children support the value of it for optimal health.