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Mindfulness At Work and School

Mindfulness helps leaders, students and team members incorporate skills immediately in their work and in daily life. The strategies will transform you and your response to stress.


~ Lowers blood pressure and heart rate          ~ Reduces stress

~ Improves productivity                                       ~ Improves sleep

~ Improves communication                               ~ Reduces dollars spent on healthcare

~ Creates a balance ~ Reduces sick days in the workplace

The Instructor:

Agnes F. Schrider, PT is a wellness consultant, a licensed physical therapist and a yoga/ mindfulness instructor. Her passion is building mind and body wealth within individuals.

Time Commitment:

4 Hours


Agnes travels to your site

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Here’s what participants say about Agnes’ workshops:

“You are a terrific teacher/leader and I appreciate all the guidance that you offered to us.”

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During the week, we will explore the eight branches of yoga and its' philosophy for a more in-depth understanding of yoga, and learn how to bring yoga into the daily routine. Each class will offer something new. In addition, Agnes will be available to “fine tune” your favorite poses and answer questions.

Mindfulness & Meditation:

These tools go hand in hand and Agnes will teach both; training guests in an easy-to-use method that can be implemented immediately. Guests will learn a variety of techniques (walking meditation, loving kindness mindfulness, visualization techniques, body scanning, sensory awareness and using mantras).

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Writing for Wellness:

Writing for wellness is not journal writing, it is a tool for you to process emotions and unfinished business- bringing better health. This technique has been instrumental with cancer survivors, war veterans, and trauma survivors. It helps immensely with daily stress and connects our mind with our thoughts and feelings. We will explore the five types of writing for health: Expressive, Transactional, Poetic, Affirmative and Legacy.


Enlighten Up! A Wellness Lift for Your Mind and Body

Here's what people had to say about the trip:

"It was an all-around extraordinary experience! You are a terrific teacher/leader and I appreciate all the guidance that you offered to us...I wish it had been 2 weeks instead of one" -- B

" Luna Lodge was ideal.  I left there thinking that  -from a mind-body-spirit perspective-  I had found that balance while at LL. The atmosphere was conducive to mindfulness and meditation, and your guidance was just the nurturing we all needed to achieve it." -- K

"I truly believe my path to the future will be altered significantly by this experience." -- RC

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Costa Rica Luna Lodge Trip 2018:

Join Agnes F. Schrider, PT and Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP, CPAE at Luna Lodge in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula on February 17-25, 2018 as we explore and immerse ourselves in nature while restoring our mind, heart, and body. Luna Lodge is an eco-friendly  lodge nestled in the lush rainforest surrounded by beauty and exotic animal life. Enjoy daily yoga, guided meditation, mindfulness, and writing for wellness sessions while you connect with nature in this gorgeous rainforest. Guests can hike, swim, kayak, bird watch, and take cooking lessons daily. Explore Costa Rica and restore your mind and body while learning helpful tools to navigate life’s currents. All nutritious organic meals are included.

Agnes brings thirty years of healing as a manual physical therapist and eleven years of experience as yoga instructor and mindfulness trainer.  The Yoga classes will teach the eight branches of yoga through asanas, pranayama and meditation. Her yoga classes are safe for all levels of students and no prior experience is necessary. She brings a compassionate heart and humor to teaching, knowing that each of us have felt life’s bumps in some way. This is the perfect environment to connect to open the connections between your mind, heart and body.

Ron is a former hospice social worker who is now a speaker, humorist, and author of four books including "Do it Well. Make it Fun. The Key to Success in Life, Death, and Almost Everything in Between." He is also a recognized expert on the benefits of humor and laughter.

Ron will demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of humor as a tool to reduce stress and see a new perspective. He will help participants understand how excellence combined with humor is a way to tackle stressful or mundane daily tasks and to create a rich and balanced life. Ron will also focus on the power of perspective to manage stress, maintain presence, and live more fully.  

Each day will consist of a selection of yoga, mindfulness, and class options. Guests will have plenty of time to play, as that is part of the restorative process. Everything is optional; pick and choose desired activities and to spend the time as you wish.  Luna Lodge hosts other activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, cooking classes, massages, and birding tours.

Agnes will be available every day for questions and discussion about yoga, mindfulness or the workshops.

All participants receive a writing notebook and manual with the week’s teachings that will include an extensive resource list. During the week, we want you to absorb and experience- not worry about forgotten notes. We will prepare that for you!