Here's what participants said about the Luna Lodge experience:

"It was life changing to be in a place like that...a lot of it was you being the leader and making such a nice space of camaraderie...But really it was one of the greatest weeks of my life." -- MK

"You are an amazing person that touches every life you meet. You bring such an example of vulnerability and acceptance to the world. Mindy and I will always cherish the week with you in our hearts. You are gifted lady dedicated to helping to heal the world spiritually and physically." -- JP

"It was an all-around extraordinary experience! You are a terrific teacher/leader and I appreciate all the guidance that you offered to us. In hind sight, I wish it had been 2 weeks instead of one" -- B

"Luna Lodge was ideal.  I left there thinking that  -from a mind-body-spirit perspective-  I had found that balance while at LL. The atmosphere was conducive to mindfulness and meditation, and your guidance was just the nurturing we all needed to achieve it...thank you for that!" -- K

"I truly believe my path to the future will be altered significantly by this experience." -- RC

"I'm so very very grateful to know you and have shared one of the most beautiful weeks of my whole life." -- MK

"When I left Costa Rica, I had never before felt as balanced in my mind-body-spirit as I did after that week.  And I attribute much of that to all of you!!...For me, the entire experience was exactly what I had hoped it would be." -- KB

"The weather, the setting, the staff, the program, the attendees — everything gelled naturally without pressure or contrivance. Agnes and Ron created the perfect blend of flexibility, insight and, should I call it, outsight? Really, I had a surreal experience and yes my thoughts and heart are still at Luna Lodge." -- S

Read this post by Ron Culberson: https://ronculberson.com/its-good-to-retreat/

Other Feedback:

"I am truly grateful, truly grateful, for the care given to me, to make me 'whole' again and restore my spirits over this really long recovery.  I lean on your every word and am amazed at your enthusiasm to comfort my suffering." -- C  (December 2016)

"I just wanted to write to you about the excellent  and professional care I received from Agnes Schrider, PT. After I had major surgery, my group of Doctors at the University of Virginia Hospital told me I would need physical therapy to improve my mobility and return to my baseline functions. With the outstanding care I received from Ms. Schrider,[and others] I am back enjoying my sports life." --NM, (January 14, 2016)

"I was so sad to see your note about closing your Nelson Wellness Center. We have made many Western Albemarle and Nelson Friends over the years, thanks to your kindness.  At the same time, we are delighted to have you close by and in town. Thank you for all the years of loyalty, trust in us, support and, above all, friendship. -- M (owner of Ragged Mountain Running Shop, Charlottesville,  VA. January 4, 2016)

"...after months of tests, injections, X-rays, multiple specialists, aspirations, etc., it took you about 10 minutes to locate those two muscles that were the culprits! You literally gave me my 'normal' life again, along with your pleasant personality and encouragement, I thank you from my heart!! -- N, (December 2013)

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the amazing work you did with me this fall to get me back on my feet!" -- S

“This is the second time I’ve received therapy from Agnes Schrider for two different issues and I have benefited tremendously from her knowledge and skillful therapy suggestions. Agnes provides the information needed along with the motivation to practice the exercises at home. As with all physical therapy, you must be a partner in your success, but if you are willing to do the work, you will feel better!” —PC

“Dear Agnes, All of us at TOPS 0760 (Nellysford), want to thank you for sharing your professional expertise with us yesterday (April 23) as our program speaker. Many, if not most us, know you from either being your client or by “word of mouth.” We value your knowledge on how to get and keep our bodies in the best possible condition. You passionately express the importance of doing all the right things to make our lives more healthy and meaningful.” —JH